Documentary Transcript

This is the full transcript with time code and chapters.


CH.1 – Apprehension [00:00:05.13]
CH.2 -CAS Doesn’t Help [00:00:05.13]
CH.3 -Trauma & Courts [00:19:29.06]
CH.4 -Abused in Care [00:28:43.00]
CH.5 -Drugs for Profit [00:39:21.27]
CH.6 -No Love at CAS [00:42:39.14]
CH.7 -Abuse of Power [00:46:36.12]
CH.8 -Funding Formula [00:54:43.03]
CH.9 -Millennium Scoop [00:57:05.26]
CH.10 -CAS Destroys Lives [01:00:22.12]
CH.11 -Accountability [01:07:16.22]

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