How does Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Spend Its Money?

Windsor-Essex Children's Aid. Image courtesy of

Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society. Image courtesy of


  • $1.3 Million for legal such as lawyers and court costs
  • $2.7 Million building costs, advertising, promotion and publicity
  • $1.8 Million slush fund (‘travel’ , break-down not collected)
  • $1.3 Million equipment, furniture, computers, etc.
  • 1/2 Million Adoption probation (paid to adoptive parents during probation
  • period) and Admission prevention (gov’t doesn’t know what this is)
  • $29 Million all staff salaries/wages (incl. execs)
  • $6 Million foster care
  • $12 Million group homes
  • $2.4 Million to kids in care (food, clothing, psychiatry/dentist, drugs/medicine, etc.)


Based on FIPPA Request CYS2011/0039

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