Outcome of CAS Formal Complaint To Ryerson

The Children’s Aid Societies of Ontario formally complained to Ryerson University regarding the documentary film, Powerful As God, and the ongoing research on the documentary website, blakout.ca.  The Agency’s “minimum” demand asked Ryerson to insert a disclaimer into the work that read something like, “The opinions expressed in this documentary do not reflect the opinions of Ryerson University.” During an academic meeting, the Deans at Ryerson University voted against accomodating CAS’ demands.

Working protocol guidelines for the film and the documentary website were approved and received oversight by the Research Ethics Board at Ryerson University (2010-2011). This project currently holds a valid Ethics Review Certificate (2012) for its ongoing research work on the blakout.ca website.


The Ontario Children’s Aid Societies were invited to contribute to the research, and participate in the filming of the work. Executive Directors, CAS legal counsel (internal and external), social workers, managers, supervisors and the OACAS were invited to participate. All declined.  Furthermore, bureaucrats from affiliate agencies, such as the Executive Directors from the Office of the Children’s Lawyer and the College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers, researchers and directors from the Commission to Promote Sustainable Child Welfare, and the Child Advocate from the Ontario Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth were also invited. They too declined.
(To read more about attempts to collaborate with bureacrats from affiliated agencies, see the thesis paper, Chapter 6, “Challenges Constructing the Work”.)


The Children’s Aid Society’s intent to complain is documented in an internal email sent to CAS staff by a Director from the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies (OACAS) – the PR arm of the Children’s Aid Societies. The email was provided as a research document to blakout.ca by an affiliate of the Children’s Aid, who received the email from an employee of the agency who was on the original email distribution list.


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6 Responses to Outcome of CAS Formal Complaint To Ryerson

  1. Kenneth Reid says:

    I believe media, cell phones, computers, tablets will stop all corruption…keep up the good work……peace 

  2. Diane Thompson says:

    I have not had the pleasure to watch your film yet. But I would like to take this time to thank you for having the courage to face CAS and the others that cause damage to children and their families daily. There involvement in my familt has caused dameage that I hope is repairable with time. I wish there was a way you could reach more people and tell more stories of the corruption within the system. Thank you again

  3. This is an open message to all CAS agencies, their workers, the executives and the Ministry and Ministers that oversee them, Including Dalton McGuinty, who is the Premier, the head of this establishment.

    CAS must start to understand that they will no longer be tolerated to lord over our children under the guise of pretending to protect our children.  In fact CAS causes more harm than anyone else, with impunity.  Children die in their care and families are destroyed forever.  Babies taken from moms children locked up in schools, children drugged, children sexually abused and the list is endless.

    Time has come to close this dark chapter in Ontario history.  Time has come to close the doors of all CAS agencies, gut the inside and rebuild it to provide social assistance to families by duly registered social workers who are accountable to the college.  The police can provide child protection under the provisions in the Criminal Code of Canada.

    I want to see charges laid against every single CAS worker and executive that has ever harmed a child, a family or produced maliciously perjured information to police, doctors and to the courts by way of affidavits and otherwise.

    Children’s Aid Societies will NOT muzzle the truth, it will come out, whether they like it or not.  No criminal ever wanted the truth of their heinous crimes to be openly found out, CAS is no different.  They are cowards in my view and the biggest bullies anywhere.


    Attila L. Vinczer

  4. Deb Ellis says:

    Thank you! Our family sends you, the producer of this film, the bestest wishes ever!!!

  5. Erika Klein says:

    *The fact that all of the many professionals and associates of childrens aid society declined to particpate in an authentic, academic project that’s aim was to be a voice for children & families affected speaks volumes. Furthermore, not only do they wish to silence the many victims but are arrogant enough to think their actions do not require any form of accountability or transparency. Ryerson University is probably the first & only organization that has successfully been able to research & publicize a heavily funded crown corporation without reprisal or lawsuits. Victims are so very easy to victimize. Thank you to Ryerson for lending their reputation & resources to stand up for people, who may sadly, never get the justice they so sorely deserve.

    Ex Crown Ward, Single Parent

  6. Hello to all,

    On  lark I did a Case Law search and found that ALL the Psychologists the CAS wanted
    to use on my case had negatve court decisions that were never disclosed!

    In a desperate attempt to frame me with a mental health claim the CAS doctor insisted on
    using MMPI-2 question book where the answers were already filled out!  Out of 567 questions
    I was allowd to to only answer 400.  Later I found out that the MMPI-2  CS Validity scale
    states no more then 30 questions unanswered/unscored!

    This same doctor under-assessed a disabled woman preventing treatment for schizophrenia,
    missed a hereditary speech disability, could not quantify a cognative shortcoming correctly!!

    This doctor’s report helped the CAS prevent treatment for a disabled child by denying a 
    treatment order and withheld failed 18 month ERIK and Nipissing Test screen and other 
    contemperanious records from the court with 2 Perjured Affidavits and a false Plan of Care!
    CAS denial of treatment for a mother violates CFSA s 15(3)(c)
    CAS denial of treatment for a child violates CFSA s 15(3)(d),  s 37(3)
    CAS actions are child abuse under it’s own law:  CFSA s 37(2)(h)

    Since then we have found negative Case Law for many CAS doctors. Rotten doctors and Perjury are among the hundreds of dirty tricks they use!