Keri begs the Minister of Children & Youth to return her son to her, who has been living in a group home for most of his life. The Minister has the authority to do this, but has thus far, chose not to. Keri is one of many parents fighting to get their child(ren) back. The Children’s Aid Society apprehends children like Keri’s son, then puts them into the adoption circuit while the parents fight to regain custody. If the parents don’t have a lot of money, and must depend on legal aid, they often lose their kids forever. In court, the judge told Keri that the Children’s Aid could do a better job looking after her son than she could, because he has a disability (ADHD). Keri believe she is as equally competent as any group home, foster parent or adoptive parent, to care for the needs of her son. Instead of helping Keri raise her child, the Judge, the Minister of Children & Youth, and the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto, have decided to deny Keri all access to her son and raise him in a group home without his mother.

(Keri’s story is included in the film)



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